AI Fashion's Future

Embrace the fashion revolution with fashioneura, the game-changing solution that bridges the gap between online and offline shopping, bringing you reduced returns, unparalleled data insights, and captivating customer experiences that will shape the future of fashion.

Sustainable Shopping Experience


Reduced Returns

Maximize your potential for reducing returns by an impressive 18%! Enhance customer satisfaction and minimize the frequency of returns with an innovative and authentic fitting experience that accurately measures and caters to the unique preferences of your valued clientele.


Brand to Customer Interaction Data

Acquire Brand to Customer Interaction that delves into various tried and tested styles, allowing you to evaluate and juxtapose them against your point-of-sale (POS) data. Compare and contrast the wealth of information gathered from diverse channels, empowering you to make informed decisions and derive valuable insights to enhance your business strategies.


Increased Sales

Utilize fashioneura’s digital signage shopping to extend your retail floor to your store front window, enabling round-the-clock brand engagement. Attract the market’s interest, enticing customers to secure orders ahead of the upcoming season. Embrace pre-orders to generate early sales and build anticipation, gaining insights into size preferences.

Elevate your customer experience

Bridge the gap between the online and offline world

At fashioneura, we are passionate about creating a more data-driven future. Through our innovative virtual mirror technology, we enable customers to effortlessly try on clothes, while simultaneously gathering valuable customer insights. By comparing fitting data with your POS data, we provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers. Our retail interaction data reveals valuable information about height, size, body type, and more, all while ensuring a fun and enjoyable customer experience.

Smart fitting

Fashioneura’s cutting-edge VR Connected AI-based technology provides an effortless virtual fitting experience that helps reduce returns by making size recommendation without the need of manual data entry or the use of ugly avatars.

Eco-friendly solution

Every year, 92 million tons of textiles are wasted globally. With Fashioneura’s virtual fitting, customers can confidently choose the perfect size and style, reducing this number and promoting an eco-friendly solution.

24/7 window shopping

Discover sales through captivating digital signage and an immersive digital fitting experience, revolutionizing window shopping. With our innovative technology, you can entice customers and increase sales simultaneously. Step into the future of retail and watch your business thrive.

Unlock the Fashion Future

4x Efficiency


Less Stock


Less Retail Space


Increased Sales


Brand interaction Data

Discover the perfect fit and shop with confidence with fashioneura!

Say goodbye to the frustration of wrong sizes and styles. Unlock a new world of fashion possibilities with VR Connected AI-based fashioneura.


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions. Our customer service team is here to help if you need assistance.

How is fashioneura environmental friendly?

Our company contributes to reducing online returns and saving CO2 emissions through multiple ways. Firstly, we optimize the online shopping experience to ensure customers make informed purchasing decisions, resulting in fewer returns. By minimizing returns, we reduce the need for additional shipping, leading to lower carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Secondly, we help decrease the physical retail space required for displaying merchandise. By utilizing digital platforms and technologies, we enable retailers to showcase their products virtually, reducing the need for expansive sales floors and the associated energy consumption.

Lastly, we assist in making data-driven production decisions. Through our comprehensive customer data analysis and digital trend testing, we provide valuable insights to businesses, enabling them to align their production with customer preferences and market demands. This data-driven approach helps reduce unnecessary production and waste, further minimizing CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain.

What data can we collect with fashioneura?

Fashioneura gives a whole new set of data. We offer standard data, such as size, height, body type, and colours worn but are flexible and can adjust the data set to your needs.

How do I get my clothes digitalised?

Our expert team can digitalise the clothes for you or we also offer webinars for inhouse design teams.

How complicated is it to install fashioneura?

The software can be easily downloaded and installed, just as any other software. In case of question is our expert team is happy to help. 

Does fashioneura come with hardware?

No, Fashioneura is a software product that does not come with hardware. However, our software is as flexible as you want it to be and can be used with any newer monitor/ digital signage and laptop or tablet.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help please contact our team.


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